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Firewood Species 2012


» Gum «

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» Oldman Pine «

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Our longest and hottest burning wood

Australian Eucalyptus is often called Blue Gum. However in New Zealand most plantation Gum is of the ash variety.

There are over 2000 varieties of ash alone. However we only have a small number of these in our region. We occasionally source some red varieties which are harder and burn hotter again. We will always distinguish these as different.

Not all gum is the same and some younger gum will burn no better than pine.

Suitable for both open fires and closed wood burner fires.


Our second longest burning semi hardwood

Monterey Cedar is typically known in New Zealand as Macrocarpa.

These trees tend to be very old and large when they are harvested for firewood. They provide a high heat and long burn time but typically not as long as gum.

Macrocarpa tends to spark a bit because of its grain and knot structure and if using in an open fire you need to be vigilant about using a spark guard. This does not present any problem in a closed wood burner.

Oldman Pine

Our third best burning soft wood

Radiata pine that is plus 50 years of age. The older the tree plus 50 years the hotter and longer it will burn.

WHY? As the tree grows older it produces more sap resin that semi solidifies in the heart wood causing it to burn hotter.

This wood needs to be dry when you burn it.

WHY? The resin will catch fire from the time the wood is cut. However the wood fibre is not yet dry which will create black oily smoke that will block your flue and chimney. As a result your fire will not draw sufficiently resulting in excessive smoke and little heat.

Suitable for both open fires and closed wood burner fires.

Forestry Pine

Radiata pine that is less than 50 years old. It is usually plantation grown for saw log harvesting. This is what you will see as you drive past the Wellington Warf and see the big piles of export log harvested from our local regional forests. It is usually between 25 and 30 years old.

The bottom part of the tree is exported for log; the top third of the tree is pulp wood.

This wood is quick to dry but produces minimal heat and a quick burn time due to its low density.

Suitable for both open and closed wood fires.



old man pine macrocarpa macrocarpa tree plantation pines