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NEW !!!

Compressed Firewood Logs

compressed log

no more need for kindling

boxed compressed logs

24kg — Boxed compressed firewood logs

Compressed log being formed

Compressed log being formed

compressed log raw material

Raw material for compressed logs


The basis for a good fire is

always in the construction phase. For years people have used newspaper and kindling wood to start there fires, it can be a hit and miss affair for some who are unfamiliar with the process or don’t have the time or inclination to follow all the steps required.

For any fire to get a good hold

and remain efficient you need to create a good and sufficient ember base, this gives the fire the ability to combust your firewood easily.

We now have available

a guaranteed way for you to start your fire every time without any hassle or fuss.

New to our range

we have Compressed Logs made from dry wood shavings which are collected during the timber machining process. They are then compressed under extreme hydraulic pressure into this finished product.

No glues or binding agents

are used in the process and they are all made from untreated wood product, this is the reuse of a waste product making the harvested log even more efficient.

To start your fire

just break off an end of one of the logs and sit it facing up in your fire place. Put 1 fire lighter on the top and light. Now stack half a dozen pieces around the sides and over the top. Leave them for a couple of mins then you can add your dry firewood around the edges. Your fire should be well alight within 5 minutes.

Congratulations you have now set your fire up with the perfect base so you can now stoke it when necessary and sit back and enjoy.

The compressed logs burn hot every time without fail, they can be used to start your fire or as firewood in their own right.

They come in 24 KG boxes

containing 24 logs. They are made from a large range of untreated dry hardwood and Radiata timber.

They can be Delivered

with your firewood order in bulk or picked up from our yard on Akatarawa Road Upper Hutt.


Machine forming compressed firewood log

Machine forming compressed firewood log


firewood engine
compressed firewood log

Compressed firewood log

Machine forming Compressed firewood log

Machine forming Compressed firewood log

Preparing to cut compressed firewood logs

Preparing to cut compressed firewood logs